It’s Not All Sunshine and Roses

Today I bought a sandwich.

This may not sound like a big deal, but to a 58 year old woman who is traveling alone without speaking the native language it was hard.

Before I left home I had a lovely dinner with friends sending me off on this trip. It will be so great said one.

No, said Anne, it will be hard, challenging, frustrating and sometimes great. Anne always speaks the truth. It was she I called after being taken out for coffee last fall by elected officials trying to convince me to run for office. Maybe I should I thought maybe I could manage a gap year and be an elected official. Democratic women are supposed to run. There was a salary. It was part time.

No, said Anne. You can do one or the other, but you can’t do both. Anne was right.

Here I am in Italy, at a train station worried I’m on the right platform going to the right place and I was hungry. Even at home I would usually not eat until I reached my destination. I hate fast food.

But this is Italy and the food is amazing and I was hungry. So I moved past my comfort zone and bought a caprese sandwich. It was awkward. I had to point to what I wanted, but I did it. And it’s the best damn sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

Now I just hope I get on the train that goes to Bologna as I’ve already taken the wrong train once today!

10 thoughts on “It’s Not All Sunshine and Roses

  1. Wrong trains…wrong time – converting departure times gets me every time! The visual you painted made me laugh. Keep writing, Elizabeth. Your prose is inspirational and insightful. GREAT pics!

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  2. Love this one— sometimes “getting out of your comfort zone” is REALLY about the little things, like buying a sandwich. Your posts are a joy to follow, Elizabeth!

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  3. Thanks for taking us on your journey. You’ve got the gorgeous and delicious highs and the uncertainty, which brings on fears. I’m so proud of you, Elizabeth for taking on this exciting and challenging experience!!! I love a good caprese sandwich…I’m sure it’s much more amazing in Italy!!! Keep writing…

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  4. I feel a bit like the Greek Oracle 🙂
    So glad you took my “advice” and let it embolden you to take risks and embrace uncertainties with eyes wide open!
    As we say in our house, ” it doesn’t have to be fun to be fun! ”
    And look at you now, first night in Italy and Donald Trump jumped into bed with you, thank goodness it was the feline Donald.
    Keep posting, I am living vicariously!

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