Homefree and Loving It!

Over a year ago, at dinner with friends, I announced my intention of being Homefree for a year. I didn’t understand the power of setting intentions and manifestation back then. And quite honestly I did not believe that I would actually put the intention into practice. It was a daydream and I was a practical person. I had two children in college, a beautiful house (and mortgage), grandchildren and a dog.

Here I sit one year later looking out over the mountains of Colorado, having just completed a 16-hour drive with my dog to live in someone else’s home. In fact since April when my house sold to a friend I’ve been Homefree and living and staying in other people’s homes for five months now and it’s been an amazing journey.

I’ve learned so much about trusting the process, letting go of expectations, being grateful, letting other people help me and living in the present moment. This from a girl who would not get off her mother’s bicycle to attend day camp because it was too terrifying. This from a girl that escaped into books her entire childhood because she was so shy. This from a woman who always put her family’s needs first.

Since April I’ve lived in rural Italy, traveled through Eastern Europe, Iceland and took the RV trip of a lifetime out west with family. I lived in Wisconsin which has such beautiful summers getting to know my grandchildren and care for them. And now, in Colorado to connect with my two middle sons.

Now instead of worrying about mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and seal coating the driveway I move from lilypad to lilypad only needing to know where I will be for the next three months. I have to tell you this lilypad is so beautiful and peaceful my heart is overflowing with gratitude. I now worry about if I can really handle skiing all winter, if my dog is okay and where we are going to hike tomorrow.

My main takeaway from this process is living without fear. These decisions are so big and require so much coordination at times I cannot even think about the future. I just have to get through the day. My goal was to stay healthy and I’ve managed to do this without even a cold–knock on wood–I’ve been successful. I’ve meditated, learned to relax and read, walked and done lots of yoga. It sounds all new age, but it really works.

Of course, I could not do this without the support of my tribe–my dear family, friends, coaches and sometimes complete strangers. People have opened their homes to me, traveled with me and most importantly, taken care of my dog–thank you, Chris and family!

I don’t really know what’s next and for the first time in my life, I don’t need to. I’m looking forward to the next chapter revealing itself to me. In the meantime thank you to all of you who have been on this journey with me.

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