True Horizons

It has taken me a long time to fully understand the importance of “true horizons.”

According to Wikipedia:

“The horizon is horizontal. At many locations, the true horizon is obscured by trees, buildings, mountains, etc., and the resulting intersection of earth and sky is called the visible horizon.”
My true horizon was always obscured–by my own thoughts. It has taken this year of one-third travel, one-third self-reflection and upcoming one-third of building work (I still have four months to go) to understand my true horizons.
I now realize that moving towards the future is like the pilot landing in the dark. Eventually, he can see the runway lights–but that’s all. He has to rely on his experience, his instruments, and the air traffic controller to safely land the plane.
As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts our path is never fully clear–our horizons are obscured by everything life throws at us. Some of us are better than others with being comfortable with the unknowing. That may because they have faith in something bigger than themselves, or they may be sure of what they want and stay true to it. I so admire them for their confidence.
I’ve made trying to land my plane so complicated because I did not trust my experience, my intuition and I wasn’t listening to the voice inside me telling me what was true and right for me. My runway took many turns and had bumps and trees and my plane crashed many times.
Now I realize that I have everything I need to land this plane over and over again, in the dark, in a storm, on an island…Dr. Suess could write this book, and it has always been there. I’ve learned that if you don’t remain true to your soul, that you will always get off-course, but the universe will give you many more chances to get it right.
I’ve learned that if you set an intention, but don’t work on the path to get there it will happen anyway and you won’t like the way it goes down. It’s much better to pilot the plane and trust the air traffic controller’s disembodied voice.
I’ve learned that the cabin has everything you need, in a very small space, but there can be no distractions to be truly successful when planning your strategy.
I also know this. That many lives depend on me landing this plane safely and smoothly. I don’t know those people and I don’t know why they need me to do this work. But I know that this is my purpose.
I know that if I focus on the runway lights all will be well, I know my true horizon. To inspire, ignite passions and impact others through my work and it’s time to focus on flying.

2 thoughts on “True Horizons

  1. I have goosebumps.
    And the pilot analogy is very near and dear to me. Your writing and message are brilliant.
    A most beautiful book that might be timely for you is Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, philosophy and faith and aeronautics! He flew the mail plane at night, the horizon was only in his mind……. xo

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