Minding the Gaps with Vivian Carrasco

If you’ve ever traveled the tube in London, you’ll hear an automated voice say, “mind the gap” when the door opens, reminding passengers not to fall into the crevice, that space between the train and the platform.
Today’s special guest, blogger Elizabeth Martin, from mindingthegaps.life, talks with Vivian about the opportunity she had to take a “gap year” many years after getting married and having a family…

THIS IS PERSONAL: Rewinding a Life with Dan Simon

An inspiring story of taking the difficult path, letting go of many material things, and re-locating to a new part of the country for the pure adventure of it.  Learn about her gift of inspiring and leading others in the non-profit arena which led to an award at the White House. By her own barometer, Elizabeth is exactly where she needs to be, has no idea what happens next and is as happy as she ever has been.  Enjoy the episode. She is amazing. 

Grown Up Gap Year with Elizabeth Martin

Gap year? Sabbatical? I think this is yet another opportunity wasted on young people who cannot possibly appreciate the decadence of time off from routines and responsibilities. Midlife is when a gap year has the greatest impact and the most valuable rewards.

Elizabeth Martin and I talk about her decision to take a break and how she spent that time.

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