Welcome to Liminality

“A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next. ‘

It is a place of transition, a season of waiting, and not knowing. 

Liminal space is where all transformation takes place
if we learn to wait and let it form us.”

Two years ago this month I chose to knowingly create a way of living that was unexpected for a mother of five and grandmother of five more. I moved from my house and home, my community and work into the unknown. More importantly, I also left my family. I only knew where I’d be living four months in advance and it was never in my own home.

  • I did not know how I would generate income in the future.
  • I did not know where I would end up living.
  • I did not know how I was “going to make it.”
  • I did not know my purpose.

I now understand that I was choosing to step into the central character of my life’s story. That my adult years up until my children were grown and flown were spent being a supporting character, and rightfully so.  And that I had an unprecedented opportunity, to be brave and jump into a new life or be scared and burrow deeper into safety and security.

I now know that I was seeking transformation by entering a liminal space. And now, the rest of the world has been forced into this liminal space. Welcome. 

  • You may not know how you will generate income in the future.
  • You may not know where you will end up living.
  • You may not know how you are  “going to make it.”
  • You may not know your purpose.

I can tell you that the times I was most fallow and unproductive ended up being the most productive. That reading and reflecting were the most important tools I had for personal growth. That is was not about the destination, but the journey, and it’s not over yet.

I can tell you that it was the friends, coaches, and sages that kept me moving forward one day at a time. Only one day at a time. When I was most fearful they stopped me and encouraged me to feel those feelings and then use them to create something new for myself. 

I can tell you that liminality is both extremely hard and very easy. That eventually if you embrace this space energy will flow easily, if you fight it you will drown in feelings. 

If you embrace it you will wonder each morning what the day will bring and embrace whatever happens– recognizing the synchronicity in what unfolds and use it to your advantage.

My best advice, avoid generativity and embrace rest and recovery, building reserves for what will come next. And learn to love liminality. 

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Liminality

  1. Perfect timing, “recognizing the synchronicity”!
    I have stepped away from the noise of social media (mostly) so how wonderful to find this in my inbox!

    Liked by 1 person

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