Minding The Gaps. Life.
A six-week program with Elizabeth Martin designed to motivate and inspire you.

Life gave me choices. Opportunities to make changes.

A chance to make a new path to my future.

My position at work was being phased out. I had a buyer for my home. My children were adults and no longer lived at home. I could find new work, a new home, new friends. Or I could create a gap, a space to carve out new roads and experiences that would help me see a new future and ultimately inspire others.

So I am “minding the gaps” and stepping into the unknown.

Since I first launched this site and wrote that statement, I’ve traveled, spent extended time with family in Wisconsin, moved to Colorado and launched two businesses. This required me to show up in the world a whole new way. To be brave: one day at a time, for nearly two years.

It required me to move from the sidelines of my life to the central character of my life. I learned a lot along the way and did not do it alone. Guides, coaches and dear friends held my hand as I learned the tools and techniques to help me on my way.

I am now ready to share these insights with others in transition–whether it is due to a call to action or a call to adventure. Let me help you get off the starting block through a six-week program designed to motivate and inspire you to become the central character in your story.