The Power of a Vision

Every year on New Year’s Day my friends gather to make vision boards. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years. At first it was just for fun, but each year it became more meaningful to reflect on what your vision for the upcoming year/years and put use a collage of magazine cuttings to articulate the vision. It is an organic process that often reveals its power only upon reflection, years later.

The banner at the top of the website is my vision board for 2018. I really was halfhearted about the idea of travel and a gap year, but it still became the focus for the board. Lo and behold I write this from rural Italy less than five months later.

The photo of the writing on the glass is the vision of the owner of the property where I am residing for the next month. The building is from either the 1500s or the 1600s. It’s been used as everything a pumphouse for irrigation to housing five families during World War II.

Translated his poem reads:

One day from here you’ll see a great garden crowded with plants and flowers.
One day from here you’ll admire what the earth and a seed can create.
One day from here, not far off this big dream will take you by the hand.
One day from here you’ll stop to observe the story of a garden that you have to share with everyone.


It is still a vision and it is my job to be a “helper.” I truly believe it will happen because it was put on down on glass. Once articulated, visions become reality–be it personally or professionally.




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First Morning

My first morning in rural Italy started with walking the goats. My job today was to photograph the 500-1000 different plants for documentation. The food fresh and amazing. A book to edit. Art in every room. Is this supposed to be Ellyn Ruhlmann’s internship?!